Meet the sanskari BC Aunty from viral video, Class of 2025

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Remember the viral video of Class of 2025, where a woman is seen calling out students named Qurantina Joshi, Lockdown Singh Rathore, Social Distan Singh-hilarious, to mark their attendance or share their test grades? The viral video with 175K views, and counting, was by BC Aunty aka Bheri Cute Aunty aka Snehil Dixit Mehra. Her comical script and timing has not just caught the attention of Twitteratti, but Bollywood celebs as well.

The idea of Class of 2025, the influencer feat comedian says, came to her during a conversation with her husband. Mehra, whose videos as a teacher or a news anchor have been tickling funny bones of many, shares, “I thought it wasn’t that funny, but later on I added funny surnames to it. And it became so funny that while reading it only, it was sounding hilarious. I shot and shared it with a couple of friends and everybody responded saying that it was going to go viral. Somebody shared this on my son’s school group saying ‘This is so funny’, and I had to reply that was me. The mothers were shocked!”

Appreciation is coming from all corners, for Mehra, who is originally from Ghaziabad, and has her extended family in Delhi. A creative director at an OTT platform, in Mumbai, Mehra is thrilled to get recognition that she never thought of. “People are DMing me. It’s so amazing! Kids are making their versions and sending their videos to me,” she adds.

After the success of her video, Class of 2025, she did another video titled Class of Heroes (131k views and counting), wherein she’s seen handing out the results to students aka real life heroes such as actors Ayushmann Khurrana and Akshay Kumar. As soon as the child responds with ‘Present Miss’, she tells him that he’s doing well in subjects. To ‘student’ Sonu Sood, she says that ‘Last time during picnic when students were left behind, it was he who helped them reach home’. Elaborating on the thought of Sood helping out migrants during the ongoing corona crisis, Mehra tells us, “The way Sonu is helping people... It’s great, that somebody is using their privilege for good things. I was thinking that I’d do a video of class of heroes and let’s see how the response is, and Sonu shared it on his Facebook page!”

The Internet may have given her the name BC Aunty, but she says the content on her page is “extremely sanskari”. “I never use abusive language or any sort of vulgarity. Even the reviews (of films and series) I do, I don’t use any bad words. The memes are aunty-specific. You have seen aunties like this who are bholi-bhaali and cute,” adds Mehra.

She, however, isn’t the first when it comes to tapping the funny ‘aunty’ factor on social media. Actor Ssumeir Pasricha’s rib-tickling videos as Pammi Aunty, can’t be missed!

“I wasn’t keen on starting an Instagram page. I thought people will judge me saying that ‘She’s a mother, married, working’. Why is she wanting to become an influencer’. But everybody said ‘You have the talent’.” — Snehil Dixit Mehra aka BC Aunty

Mehra says she admires influencers such as Kusha Kapila, Dolly Singh, Mallika Dua, and Gaurav Gera, but admits to not being “competitive” at all. She adds, “I’m a small player in this big game. There is pressure. People keep asking ‘What’s next’. I wasn’t keen on starting an Instagram page. I thought people will judge me saying that ‘She’s a mother, married, working. Why is she wanting to become an influencer’. But, everybody said ‘You have the talent’. I’m doing it as a hobby. I am getting the appreciation, and I’ll continue doing it. I’m not competitive; and quite chill and don’t have much expectations from this (smiles).”

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