Maximum Covid-19 patients in Maharashtra in 31-40 age group: Data

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The age group of the maximum number of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) patients in the worst-hit state of Maharashtra is between 31 and 40 years, state government’s data showed on Saturday.

An analysis of the 97,407 Covid-19 cases indicates that there are 19,523 or 20.04% people between the ages of 31 to 40 who are among those who have contracted the respiratory disease in the state.

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Maharashtra has recorded 101,141 infections and 3,717 people have died due to Covid-19 till Saturday morning, according to the state’s health department. The analysis is available for 97,407 cases, it said.

The next age group to be infected most by Sars-Cov-2 virus, which causes the coronavirus disease, in Maharashtra is between 41 and 50 years. And, there are 17,573 people or 18.04% in this age group, according to the data.

Contrary to the perception that the elderly are the most vulnerable, 9,991 or 10.26% people between the ages of 61 and 70 years are the third most group to have contracted the disease.

And, 4,223 or only 4.34% of people are among those between 71 to 80 years to have been infected.

There are 3,225 or 3.31% of children up to 10 years and 6,262 or 6.43% among those between 11 to 20 years who have Covid-19.

The health department said that an analysis of 97,635 Covid-19 patients in terms of genderwise distribution of Covid-19 cases in Maharashtra shows there is more number of men than women who have been infected by the virus.

There are 60,596 or 62% male patients of the coronavirus disease against 37,039 or 38% females.

The report also shows that the Covid-19 mortality rate of Maharashtra was 3.68%, which is the fifth-highest in the country after Gujarat, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Telangana.

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