Masam project clears 1,279 mines in Yemen this month

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Masam project clears 1,279 mines in Yemen this month

Masam, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center’s project for clearing mines in Yemen; cleared 1,279 mines during the second week of the current month. These include two antipersonnel mines, 238 anti-tank mines, 1,036 unexploded ordnance and three explosive devices.

A total of 169,434 mines have been extracted since the beginning of the project. Iran-backed Houthi militias planted more than 1.1 million mines in Yemen during the conflict; claiming hundreds of civilian lives, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said.

The project implemented by Saudi cadres and international experts to remove mines randomly planted by Houthi militias in Yemeni regions; especially Marib, Aden, Sanaa and Taiz.

Masam aims to dismantle mines in Yemen to protect civilians and ensure delivering urgent humanitarian supplies safely. Houthis are developing anti-vehicle mines and turning them into antipersonnel explosives to intimidate and terrorize civilians.

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