Manmohan Singh's half brother refutes claims of joining AAP, slams party for misusing ex-PM's name

4 months ago 28
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AMRITSAR: Surjit Singh


, half brother of former Prime Minister

Manmohan Singh

, has accused

Aam Aadmi Party



) of misusing the name of former PM for gaining cheap publicity.
Kohli’s statement came after AAP on Thursday issued a press note claiming that he had joined the party.
“The AAP got a major boost in


when former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s cousin S S Kohli, a retired commander, joined the party," read an official release of AAP.
When contacted, a surprised Kohli denied joining AAP. He instead blamed AAP for exploiting Manmohan Singh’s reputation to gain political advantage.
“I am a committed Congressmen and will always remain a Congressmen. AAP shouldn't have used Manmohan Singh’s name for gaining publicity” he said.
He further said that he is not a retired commander and is instead a businessman.
Despite repeated attempts, AAP spokesperson Gurbhej Singh didn’t respond to queries regarding the incident.

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