Mamata raises issue of financial dues to West Bengal during Covid-19 meeting

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KOLKATA: West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee Tuesday raised the issue of West Bengal's financial dues from the Centre during a video conference on the pandemic and urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure that the Centre issues guidelines on which vaccine to be procured and used to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.
The video conference was convened by Modi for chief ministers of 10 states, including West Bengal, to discuss the situation arising out of coronavirus in the country.
"The central government has raised the FRBM limit from three per cent to five per cent but only 0.5 per cent out of the increased 2 per cent has been made unconditional. We request the central government to make the remaining 1.5 per cent unconditional too for one year," Banerjee said.
"Besides this, the state is still to receive Rs 4135 crore towards GST compensation and overall outstanding dues of Rs 53000 crore from the central government," Banerjee was quoted in a media statement issued by the West Bengal government.
She raised the issue of which Covid-19 vaccine or serum to be used to treat the patients and urged the Centre to issue guidelines regarding it.
"Regarding the vaccine, the central government should authorise which vaccine is to be procured and used. It must issue guidelines in this regard," the statement quoted her.
She also requested the Centre to provide the state with more high flow nasal canulas and ventilators.

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