Maharashtra records 37,228 Covid-19 cases and 1,020 deaths in 6 days

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Mumbai: Maharashtra has recorded 37,228 coronavirus disease (Covid-19) positive cases since July 1, as compared to 302, 10,196, 57,157 and 1,02,172 in March, April, May, and June, respectively, amid projection that a peak is likely to occur later in July in the country’s worst-hit state as far as the pandemic is concerned.

On Monday, Maharashtra reported 5,368 fresh Covid-19 positive cases, as the tally rose to 2,11,987, even though the single-day count was relatively lower than the daily trend since July 1.

The state had recorded the following single-day positive cases in the past week: 5,537 (July 1); 6,330 (July 2); 6,364 (July 3); 7,074 (July 4); and 6,555 (July 5).

State health department officials said that Monday’s figure is an aberration, and they expect a surge in the daily count for the next few days.

“The daily rise in Covid-19 positive cases was lower on Monday. But, this cannot be construed as a defining trend, unless the graph sustains for a longer period. Besides, the viral outbreak is growing in the densely congested Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and other areas. A surge is expected by end-July and then there is a likelihood of flattening of the Covid-19 curve,” said a health department official, requesting anonymity.

On Monday, Maharashtra’s Covid-19 related death toll crossed 9,000 after 204 fresh fatalities were reported. The current toll stands at 9,026 and the case fatality rate (CFR) is 4.26%.

Data showed that the state has reported 1,020 deaths in the past six days as against 10, 449, 1,827 and 5,638 in March, April, May, and June, respectively.

A day-wise break-up in July showed that on July 1, 198 deaths were recorded; followed by 125 (July 2); 198 (July 3); 295 (July 4); and 151 (July 5).

State health commissioner Dr. Anup Kumar Yadav said the authorities’ primary focus is to keep the Covid-19 related deaths under check.

The state government has set up a task force in every district, comprising expert doctors, to attend to critical Covid-19 patients in rural areas, especially those with comorbid conditions.

“We have changed clinical guidelines, have set up a task force in every district, where expert doctors, epidemiologists, and virologists are available to attend to Covid-19 patients in rural areas suffering from comorbid conditions,” said Yadav.

Maharashtra’s Covid-19 related recovery rate is over 54%, including 3,522 patients who were discharged on Monday after being cured of the viral infection.

Altogether, 1,15,262 Covid-19 patients have been discharged from hospitals across the state after they have recovered.

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