Madrid ready to host Champions League final

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When the fear of coronavirus struck the world in March, most of the live sports events were cancelled or postponed. Fans of football were wondering when their stars would come back as at a point of time it looked like a distant future. However, things are back up and running in the sports world with several league already starting. Spain was in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic for the past few months but things have improved gradually and the authorities are looking to resume football action in the country.

La Liga is set to resume on June 20 with matches being played for a period of five weeks as they aim to finish the league on July 26. The city of Madrid is now also looking to host the Champions League final.

The mayor of Madrid says there are discussions for the Spanish capital to host the Champions League final this season amid the coronavirus pandemic.

José Luis Martínez-Almeida says the city would be prepared to host the final for the second straight year. He did not elaborate on the negotiations in his interview with 13tv.

“I know arrangements are being made, and I want to declare the city hall’s absolute support for this Champions League final being held in Madrid,” Tuesday’s Marca newspaper quoted the city’s mayor.

“We have the adequate safety conditions, we have the infrastructure and public services to hold it and it would send a message to the world that despite all the drama we have lived, Madrid isn’t giving up and is on the rise again,” Almeida said.

A UEFA executive committee meeting on June 17 is expected to decide the new location for the final in August. It was originally scheduled to be played in Istanbul in May.

The country hosting the final is also expected to stage the quarterfinals and semifinals.

German city Frankfurt and Portuguese capital Lisbon are also likely contenders to host the final.

Spain was hard-hit by the pandemic but has been gradually lifting confinement restrictions.

Madrid hosted last year’s final when Liverpool beat Tottenham.

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