Madhya Pradesh now ranks 7th in India with over 10,000 Covid-19 positive cases

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With as many as 200 new Covid-19 positive cases detected in the past 24 hours Madhya Pradesh’s coronavirus tally rose to 10,049 while the number of deaths registered so far is 427, as per the state health department’s bulletin released on Wednesday night.

With the state crossing the 10,000-mark of Covid-19 positive cases it became the 7th state in the country to have 10,000 and more such cases, as per the union ministry of health and family welfare’s data.

The other states include Maharashtra with 90,787 cases, Tamil Nadu with 34,914 cases, Delhi with 31,309, Gujarat with 21,214, Uttar Pradesh with 11,335 and Rajasthan with 11,245 cases, as per the ministry’s data.

Though Madhya Pradesh is the 7th state on the chart as far as the highest number of Covid-19 positive cases are concerned, its death rate is the second worst in the country at 4.24% that is only next to Gujarat which has 6.24% death rate.

The death rates of other states with 10,000 and more cases are 0.88% in Tamil Nadu, 2.27% in Rajasthan, 2.66% in Uttar Pradesh, 2.89% in Delhi and 3.62% in Maharashtra, as per the ministry’s data.

The national death rate among Covid-19 patients is 2.80%. Thus, in Madhya Pradesh the death rate is about 1.5 times more than the national death rate.

As far as the geographical spread of coronavirus in the state is concerned only Niwari in Bundelkhand region which happens to be the latest district created in the state, out of the total 52 districts does not have any Covid-19 patient at present.

Of the 51 districts affected by the virus only six districts have Covid-19 patients in single digits while 31 districts’ tally is in double digits.

Indore tops the chart of Covid-19 patients with the figure of 3,881. Of them, 161 have died. Bhopal follows with 1,927 cases and 66 deaths and Ujjain with 745 cases and 64 deaths.

Ujjain has the worst death rate among the districts registered at 8.59% among the 14 districts which have more than 100 cases each.

The state has achieved 68.58% recovery rate with 6,892 patients cured and discharged from hospitals across the state.

The health department’s health bulletin said, “Review of the situation caused by Covid-19 is being done by chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan daily. He has made an appeal to people to comply with the lockdown, cooperate with the government in breaking the chain of infection and keep away from rumours.”

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