Locust swarms in Uttar Pradesh's Sangam city, heading towards Kaushambi

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After attacking rural areas of Prayagraj district for over a day, swarms of locusts entered Sangam city on Thursday. Localities like Tagore Town, Allahpur, Sohbatiyabagh, George Town, Kareli, Civil Lines reported locust swarms covering the sky and creating panic among the locals.

The people resorted to clanging of utensils and tin cans to bursting firecrackers in a bid to chase them away.

Earlier, these short-horned grasshoppers had attacked trans-Yamuna villages of Koraon, Meja, Phulpur, Karchana in the Prayagraj district between Tuesday evening and Wednesday. Local administrative officials of these development blocks, along with villagers, had effectively repulsed the attack of these creatures with the help of chemicals, sprayed using fire tenders and tractors. They also played loud music along with creating smoke in the fields.

Earlier this morning, these swarms were first spotted in two areas of the city: Sangam and over the old city areas.

“I was standing on my terrace when I suddenly saw huge locust swarms flying in the air. Locusts measuring up to two inches and even more were everywhere,” said Geeta Mishra, a resident of Rajroopur.


The Chandra Shekhar Azad Park, spread over 133 acres in the middle of the city with lush green trees, was also swamped by them.

Superintendent of Chandra Shekhar Azad Park Seema Singh Rana said that locusts were all over the garden at around 10am. The staff, the officer added, beat up cans and plates deterring locusts from descending up on the trees. “We got away with mere 10% damage to trees and plants,” she added.

Chief Fire Safety Officer RS Mishra said, “We have yet not received any written or oral instructions from the district administration to press our fire tenders into service for spraying of chemicals in the city limits. The moment our help is required, we will send the fire tenders.”

Chief Development Officer (CDO), Ashish Kumar said, “This is the dispersed swarms of locusts which is moving towards Kaushambi after our action against them in Bahadurpur and other areas of Meja, Karchana and Koraon development block on the Wednesday night.”

As it is day time, they will not settle down but still locals and civic administration have been asked to burst firecrackers and make a lot of sound so that they keep on moving, he said.

The official further added that the district administration of Kaushambi, along with the state and central monitoring agencies, has been informed about the latest development.

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