Lockdown learnings: Time to be conscious shoppers

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With decreasing levels of carbon emissions during the lockdown, denizens have witnessed clean air, flora and fauna coming together. At homes too, catchwords such as environmentally responsible, sustainable living, and conscious choices have gained immense popularity, thanks to the new formed mindful habits and efforts to focus on the environment.

The post-pandemic world needs us to step up and become environmentally conscious shoppers. Experts from different walks of life too have the same opinion:

Local produce for better planet

Amid the pandemic, many Bollywood celebs have taken to organic farming to promote a healthy lifestyle and mindful eating. Dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal also feels that as we become a food-savvy society, one needs to remember that consuming fresh, organic and seasonal produce helps build immunity and nourish the body. She says, “Earlier many would dine out and binge every weekend, but the lockdown has brought a change in eating pattern and given a boost to preparing meals at home.”

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Eco-friendly homeware

Living spaces and kitchens too can be turned into a mindful, eco-elegant abode. Somya Suresh, co-founder of Nurture India, a home decor company that specialises in Indian wooden craftsmanship, design and quality goods, believes that sustainable beauty and fashion brands have existed for long but now is the time to focus on responsible homeware. She says, “India is a wood-producing country. When the trees mature or stop bearing fruit, only then they’re used to make handicrafts. Thus, the whole concept is built on sustainability. And it takes five to seven years to decompose wooden products whereas ceramics take approximately 50 years.”

“The best part is once the salad and dinner bowls become rough after usage, they can be further utilised to store trinkets, polish or paint to recycle,” she adds.

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Buy organic beauty products

A lot of DIY skincare regimes in the past months have also contributed in encouraging sustainable living. Ritika Jayaswal, founder of Nourish Mantra, a natural skincare brand, anticipates a surge in organic, vegan, and cruelty-free products. She says, “Until now people were only talking about climate change and never took action. But they have now started appreciating the little things in life and are looking for quality over quantity, so now they can take better care of themselves and the planet at the same time with these products.”

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