Lockdown learning: How to switch to eco-friendly living

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Amid the pandemic, there has been an increase in the usage of items made of single-use plastic, be it disposable gloves, wipes or takeaway boxes. While these are a necessity currently, it is imperative for us to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. To help you make environmentally responsible steps in the right direction, people from different walks of life share some ideas and tips to reduce the carbon footprint and ways switch to a green lifestyle.

Go for local, seasonal fruits and veggies

Begin with inculcating mindful eating habits which is good not just for the body but for the environment, too, feels dietitian Ankita Gupta Sehgal. She says, “When you eat local organic produce, grown in nature which is in season in moderation, it has a purpose to it. A lot of people avoid mangoes thinking about the high in calories but it is a powerful nutrient house, and has minerals and vitamins so that keeping you off from heat strokes. Every seasonal food item has a motive.” Also, next time you go for grocery shopping, ditch the plastic bag from the vendors and carry a reusable bag that can be easily washed later instead.

Sustainable fashion and the need to buy wisely

Designer Nachiket Barve feels customers need to choose wisely. He says, “If you buy high quality, ethically made clothes which are timeless and worn at many occasions over many years, it automatically become sustainable with by the nature of use. You don’t necessarily have to buy a shapeless, colourless linen frock or a jute dress to support sustainable clothing, it can be a glamorous silk saree worn over years.” He also believes that it’s a customer who needs to choose wisely, buy carefully and responsibly, and adds, “Everybody needs a pair of jeans, it’s how you choose to take care of it, how many times you wear, whether you replace them frivolously.”

Look for cruelty-free, organic beauty products and check the packaging

The pandemic has compelled us to contemplate our choices believes Ritika Jayaswal, founder of Nourish Mantra, a natural skincare brand as she says, “Now we’ve come to a place where we are forced to think about our environment. We have started looking at simple things like caring about other people, maintaining hygiene, growing their own kitchen gardens, recycling clothes and so much more.”

To make environmentally conscious decisions while shopping for your beauty regime, go for sustainable beauty brands and look for terms such as , ‘vegan’, ‘organic’, ‘natural’, ‘ethically-sourced’, ‘cruetly-free’ etc. Moreover, check for recyclable packaging of the product as it also plays an important role in reducing the wastage.

Try to making your home an eco-friendly abode

There’s plenty you can do to upgrade your space into an eco-friendly living abode believes Somya Suresh, co-founder of Nurture India, a home decor company that specialises in Indian wooden craftsmanship, design and quality goods. She says, “There has been a huge demand in market outside India where people prefer to eat food in wooden kitchenware. We chose wood as it is a longlasting and durable material and besides.”

So, if you’re looking for wooden utensils like mugs, bowls, trays, platters, chopping boards etc for your kitchen, you know where to start from!

Other ways to be eco-friendly in daily activities:

- Replace plastic water bottles with copper or glass bottles

- Switch to wooden and bamboo toothbrushes

- Instead of long showers, go for bucket baths

- Reduce food wastage. Think of ways to prepare dishes with leftover food

- Try to grow your own fruits and vegetables

- Opt for paperless bills while shopping

- Go for public transportation keeping precautions in mind

- Keep metal straws handy for your takeaway beverages

- Avoid the use of plastic wraps and aluminium foil in the kitchen

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