Liza Koshy’s Guide to Multi-Masking and Confidence-Boosting Eye Makeup

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“I’m so ready!” Liza Koshy squeals from her supersized bathroom, where she is taking Vogue through her day-to-day beauty routine. For the comedian, digital superstar, and newly minted beauty entrepreneur, every morning as of late begins with a handful of cosmetics from her collaboration with C’est Moi, One of One. “I always had my cleanser and then I had my exfoliator… I just wanted to pick up one product, and now I have that,” she says of the story behind the line’s dual-purpose cleansing stick, which she follows up with her four-piece masking kit. “Your face has different needs,” she explains, brushing an exfoliating treatment onto her chin and her nose, a calming concoction under her eyes, and hydrating and brightening formulas atop her cheeks—all of which are Environmental Working Group verified. “It’s the one thing I don’t like dirty, my beauty.” 

15 minutes later, after rinsing her skin and patting it dry in upward motions, Koshy massages Biossance’s Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil—or, what she calls “hydration station”—into her clean complexion with the help of a vibrating face massager. “Everybody had one of these and I had FOMO, so I got one too,” she reveals with a smile. Primed, prepped, and ready for makeup, Koshy then uses her fingers to spread on a three-in-one tinted SPF-infused moisturizer—a pro tip that she picked up from none other than Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

“I really got into makeup at a young age,” recalls Koshy, who danced in the Houston Ballet’s Nutcracker at just nine years old. “Taking matters into my own hands and doing it myself was a huge confidence booster as a kid too ’cause you can just flex with your face...” she adds. That tendency for more-is-more, mood-lifting makeup has stayed with her to this day, thanks to a penchant for bright blush, baking, and a one-of-a-kind bright eye. “I’ve had some newfound confidence by trying these new bold, colorful looks,” she says, drawing on a teal stroke of liner across her lid, which she outlines with Beautycounter’s inky liquid formula and tops off with a set of faux lashes from Eylure and a coat of Saie mascara. “Boom! Ta da!” she sings into the camera. “It’s definitely not your everyday [look], but”—in a boon to beauty novices and renegades alike, she continues—“you can wear your makeup in any way.” 

Above, watch Liza Koshy’s Beauty Secrets. 


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