Likes and followers: The pressure of social media

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Does the number of likes, followers and views determine the credibility and popularity of a content creator on social media? After several cases of fake followers and likes coming to light, influencers express concerns about the ‘pressure’ of attaining followers, establishing a niche and creating unique content in their domain.

“I am not surprised that likes and numbers play a role. More followers means reaching large number of audience and campaigns are all driven by numbers, as the ultimate goal is to sell the brand,” says travel influencer Siddhartha Joshi who agrees that some influencers might feel pressure to gain followers. “It’s a rat race that everybody is trying to win, just that it’s simply more visible in our medium,” he explains.

For some social media creators, creating a niche audience is more important. An investment banker Rizwan Bachav who is also a luxury influencer feels the concept of more likes and followers is a thing of the past.” He explains, “You could have one million followers, but would make no sense to a brand if they don’t see quality or engagement… building your niche is important than focussing on numbers.” Bachav also elaborates on how influencers need to stick to what they truly believe, and what endorsements resonates with them rather than becoming a billboard for the brand.

Shereen Sikka, a beauty and fashion blogger believes that a balance of both is essential. She says, “Content is king, quality of content is important, and whatever your niche and plays a big part but it makes it better if you have the right audience viewing and engaging with the content.” She also feels that more than the number of likes and followers, what is important is the conversations your followers have with you, and that can happen if it’s real genuine followers.

Behind the glamorous pictures and larger-than-life lifestyles, is there constant pressure that may impact the psychological well-being? Psychologist Pulkit Sharma says, “If you don’t have number of organic followers, you reel under anxiety and sadness, whereas those who gain through marketing tools, for them it’s pretentious. Both ways, this concept has an impact.”

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