Lightweight Summer Dresses That Won’t Stick To Your Skin, No Matter How Hot it Gets

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Photographed by Scott Trindle, Vogue, December 2011

Sleeveless dresses are an obvious go-to when you want to keep cool in the hottest summertime temps. But don’t be fooled by a spaghetti strap! Sure, they can definitely help beat the heat, but many are made from airtight, synthetic fabrics, or have too-tight silhouettes that do not bode well on scorching days. There’s nothing worse than a dress that looks like it’s built for peak summer, but in reality sticks to your skin and feels constricting all day long. 

Instead, focus on the fabric—a much stronger barometer for deciding whether or not a dress can help keep your body in stasis during heat waves. The ultimate sartorial reprieve from hot and humid weather are airy, lightweight summer dresses in loose silhouettes made from breathable fabrics like cotton and linen.

Don’t let your dress hold you back when temps near triple digits. Instead, slip on a dress that is built to beat the heat. Staying cool in hot weather is the ultimate mood booster, and with the hottest days upon us, one-step style solutions for staying comfortable are paramount. Here, 23 breathable, lightweight summer dresses, some with sleeves and some without, just in time for peak summer. 

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