Lenovo announces ThinkSystem SR860 V2 and SR850 V2 servers

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Data Center Group has announced new solutions to empower customers to simplify common data management challenges. DCG has announced the launch of the

ThinkSystem SR860 V2

and SR850 V2 servers, which now feature 3rd-Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with support for SAP HANA based on Intel Optane persistent memory 200 series. In addition, Lenovo announced new remote deployment service offerings for the


DM7100 storage systems.
Lenovo claims that its new ThinkSystem SR860 V2 and SR850 V2 servers feature the latest in high-end processing and memory capabilities, with twice the amount of NVMe storage capacity.
ThinkSystem SR860 V2 and SR850 V2
These systems, as per Lenovo, feature improved AI acceleration with Intel Deep Learning Boost enhanced with bfloat16. They also feature technologies that like increased onboard storage from 24 to 48 2.5”2 drives and GPU support on the ThinkSystem SR860 V2 server (four double-wide 300W or eight single-wide GPUs).
ThinkSystem DM7100
The software includes integrated hybrid cloud data tiering and management for data management in public and private cloud solutions. The cloud capability enables customers to build backup and capability for analytic workloads It can scale up to 21PB effective storage or scale out to 264 PB of effective storage.
A new remote deployment option offers up to 80% faster implementation vs. scheduling on-site deployments, claims the company. Customers have access to Lenovo’s technical consultants to configure and deploy the solution based on their unique requirements remotely.
With these new offerings, customers can easily navigate complex data management needs to deliver actionable business intelligence through artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, while getting results when combined with business applications like SAP HANA, claims the company.

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