'Laughable': Shiv Sena on Nepal PM Oli's claims on Lord Ram

4 months ago 24
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The Shiv Sena has criticised Nepal prime minister KP Sharma Oli over his statement that the real Ayodhya - birth place of Lord Ram - lies in Nepal, and not in India.

Calling the statement “laughable”, an editorial in Sena mouthpiece Saamana termed Oli a “puppet” of China, who has been “spewing venom” against India lately.

“Nepal prime minister KP Sharma Oli is the puppet of China. He has been speaking against India daily on the instructions of China. First he created controversy on maps now he’s directly dragged Lord Ram in the Nepal-India conflict... He has said that India’s Ayodhya is fake, the real Ayodhya is in Nepal; Lord Ram was Nepalese. These statements of Oli are laughable,” the editorial said on Tuesday.

The editorial referred to the Puranas and said that River Saryu flows near Ayodhya but there is no such river in Nepal. It added that thousands of Karsevaks have spilled their blood on the river turning it red during the struggle. The editorial further asked why Oli did not come forward to make his claim as the Ram Janmabhoomi movement has been on for 70-75 years.

The Sena further ridiculed Oli’s statement and said, “Today, he has claimed Ayodhya and Lord Ram are Nepalese. Tomorrow, he will claim even Babur was from Nepal. Lord Ram belongs to the whole world, but Ram Janmabhoomi belongs to only India and there is no need for a controversy on this.”

In another sarcastic remark, the editorial said Oli’s ancestors hoodwinked even Babur, who wanted to bring down the Ram temple to build a mosque in place of it, by diverting the Mughal emperor to North India instead of Nepal.

“Ayodhya was in Nepal and Oli’s ancestors hoodwinked Babur and diverted him towards India (instead). Oli fooled Babur. This is in a way insult of Islam and will Oli’s junior father Pakistan punish him as per Islamic laws?” it asked.

The editorial further said that Oli has forgotten the cultural and religious ties between the two countries and is speaking against India as his chair is under a threat. “Therefore, the Chinese ambassadors are fighting to save his chair. Oli has become a slave of China and has decided to convert his countries culture into Chinese,” it said.

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