Las Vegas Guide: How to Spend a Spooky Weekend in Sin City

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It's that time of year when minds turn to pumpkin spice and hell fire, as “the veil” grows thinner between our dimension and the supernatural ones. Let’s lift the veil on Las Vegas with a tour that touches on each of the seven deadly sins. When you think about it, Vegas is a perfect destination for some spookiness: the spirits of celebrities of yore still haunt the city’s casino halls and old-school hang-outs.

If you’re like me and Billie Eilish (who stopped by the city post-Met Gala), you’ll drop by the Haunted Museum founded by Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans. It’s the pinnacle of freakiness with what’s contained in its walls, under its stairs, and in its ether. Learn about human greed, wrath, envy, and “evil spirits” as you take a two-hour guided tour of the thirty-some rooms and over 11,000 square feet of possessed objects, artwork, and displays like departed actress Sharon Tate’s eerily gorgeous wedding dress and a ghost trap from the Hollywood film Ghostbusters, which Bagans bought for a quarter of a million dollars. (Eilish came for a gander at a piece of the fast car that killed silver screen idol James Dean.)

Around the corner from the Haunted Museum is the Las Vegas Arts District, where the nightlife establishments serve drinks and ice cream as relief from the continuing warmth of Vegas after dark. Hop into the Velveteen Rabbit with its patio of 1950s and ‘60s pastel dreams, complete with a black and white photo booth. It also has a black light “Magic Box” machine that dispenses 80s time travel packs, plastic coffin-shaped cut-out earrings and “mystery bags” of goodies.

Bring your gluttony across the street to Jammyland. Order the brat-wurst- which comes on a tasty bun with cilantro and shredded carrots, banh mi fusion style. Also have a “Beef Patty” hand-pie which you can have with grass-fed meat or Impossible Burger filling. The dub music will set you right, as will the huge open-air front patio where you can watch the denizens of the block walk by flaunting their sartorial fineries. As for drinks, treat yourself to a “Hocus Pocus” if you want something fruity to ease you into the spooky season. It’s got watermelon, lime, rose and lavender flavors, with or without tequila.

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