Kolkata driver who murdered girlfriend made pistol, ammunition watching internet...

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The 26-year-old driver who murdered his estranged girlfriend in south Kolkata on Saturday morning made the single-shot pistol and ammunition used in the crime watching internet videos, making the case a rare one.

Rakesh Haldar alias Jayanta used a steel ball bearing as projectile and powder from firecrackers as the propellant. Prior to the murder, Haldar did not have any criminal record and used to drive taxis for a living.

While it is possible to make a single-shot pistol that Haldar came up with, even criminals who make improvised firearms on a commercial scale cannot manufacture ammunition because the technology is too sophisticated, investigating officials said.

The accused watched videos on the internet to make the pistol and ammunition, said Murli Dhar Sharma, joint commissioner of police (crime).

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The accused stabbed the victim as he was not sure if the improvised ammunition was powerful enough to kill her, said officials probing the case.

Haldar murdered 20-year-old Priyanka Purkait at her residence at Anandapally West in the Regent Park area. Haldar allegedly shot the victim and then stabbed her in the neck when she was sleeping in her bedroom.

“After his arrest, Haldar said during interrogation that Priyanka wanted to get out of the relationship but Hadar, who is married, would not let her,” an investigating officer said on the condition of anonymity. “He dumped the pistol in a hydrant,” the officer added.

The officers were stunned when Haldar confessed that he made the pistol and the ammunition at home by procuring commonly available components from shops and some friends.

Haldar fled after the crime. The victim was declared dead on arrival at a local hospital. Her relatives told the police that Haldar had threatened to kill her around a month ago but they did not think that he was capable of committing murder.

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