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can be quite addictive, especially when you are forced to stay indoors. You start watching one interesting short video and then get redirected to several others. And before you could realise, you end up spending a couple of hours on YouTube. Then guilt strikes you as you could have spent those YouTube hours to watch a good movie or get some household work done. The

YouTube videos

can literally wait but you can’t bring back the time you lost on a busy day.
To help you know how much time you spend on a daily basis, YouTube offers a

digital wellbeing feature

for both Android and iOS apps. Here’s how to check your YouTube usage time:
-Open the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android phone
-Tap your profile icon in the top-right corner. The location is same in both Android and iOS apps
-Tap on Time watched

The ‘Time Watched’ feature gives you an exact dashboard view of how much time you have spent on YouTube by quoting daily average time and weekly statistics. This time is calculated across all the devices that are linked to your YouTube account and it doesn’t include the time spent on YouTube Music App.
There are other settings that may help you to spend less time on YouTube. There is an option called “Remind me to take a break”. With this option you can ask YouTube to prompt whether or not you have spent a lot of time watching videos or not. Another option called “Remind me when it’s bedtime” helps you to set the time when you go to sleep and YouTube will automatically tell you to close the app and go to sleep. You can also disable “Autoplay next video”.

On the Android app, there is another option called “Scheduled digest” that allows you to decide when you get new YouTube video notifications. You can get all notifications of the day in the form of a daily digest newsletter.

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