Kerwin Frost Shows Us His Favorite Lockdown Looks

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There are people who get dressed, and then there is Kerwin Frost. The host of Kerwin Frost Talks is a bonafide street style star known for his deliciously outlandish fits. We’ve seen him wear angel wings at fashion week, larger-than-life customized clown shoes, and an astronaut-style plastic orb helmet during the pandemic. These have cemented him as one of the most daring dressers out there. And his wardrobe is only about to get more extreme: Frost has launched the second season of his star-studded talk show Kerwin Frost Talks, kicking his first episode off with musician Mac DeMarco.

For the new season, he’s mixing new grails with vintage. In one look, he includes a precious airbrushed shirt from the Rye Playland amusement park and a pair of classic UGG boots. In another instance, he pairs an Adidas track jacket with Craig Green x Moncler pants. Each look is based on feeling. “Sometimes I theme the outfit around my guest but mostly I just put on what I’m feeling that day,” he says. “With Jeremy Scott & ASAP Rocky’s episodes I was referencing their legacy with my outfit. But with someone like Chief Keef, I just kind of did my thing and thought he would like my outfit.”

And while many people’s looks have changed over lockdown, Frost’s attire has been just as chic and kooky as it had been in previous years. “I’ve worked from home my entire life, since I was 5 years old, so I can’t really say how it’s changed my look,” he says. One thing that has changed Frost’s style? Fatherhood. He and his wife Erin Yogasundram gave birth to their daughter, Waffle, last year. It’s been a wild, heartwarming ride. “I think before I had imagined that I would become distracted with trying to establish my daughter’s style, but I think naturally I’ve become more inspired by her, to get even crazier,” he says. “We have fun when we dress up, it’s nice. Although it definitely becomes harder to think of yourself when you’re busy being a parent, I think it’s a fun challenge to try and sustain both.”

Here, see some of Frost’s most outrageous looks.

“My uncle came in 27th place in the Maralap Tour and he always told me ‘27th isn’t 1st but neither is 2nd so just give it the best you’ve got.’”

Frost wears a vintage Adidas track jacket, Maralp Tour 2003 cycling Jersey, Craig Green x Moncler pants, and  Melting Sadness Adidas Superstars sneakers. 

Photo: Courtesy of Kerwin Frost / @kerwinfrost 

“I got this shirt when I was 7 years old. It was made at the Rye Playland amusement park. Me and my cousins all chipped in so we could all take turns wearing it. When it was my turn to wear it I never gave it back. I wear it to remember that day at Rye.”

Frost wears a custom airbrushed shirt, Ralph Lauren Purple Label leather pants, and classic Ugg Boots.

Photo: Courtesy of Kerwin Frost / @kerwinfrost 

“These blue tasseled pants appear very comfortable but are actually insanely heavy. I wear these during work days when I feel like doing nothing but I have a lot to do, as a reminder that my unproductiveness is weighing me down.”

Frost wears a vintage tee, Acne Studios Jacket, vintage pants, Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Superstars, and an Oakley Medusa headpiece.

Photo: Courtesy of Kerwin Frost / @kerwinfrost 
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