John Derian's New Halloween Collection with Target Is Both Modish and Macabre

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John Derian’s charming decoupages, with all their antique whimsicality, have long delighted a devoted set of design aficionados. Yet, both due to their locality (his brick-and-mortar shops are only in New York and Provincetown) and the price points that reflect the artisanal nature of his homewares, they’ve remained out of reach for a significant swath of their admirers.

Now, it seems such fans are in luck. As of today, Derian is launching a new Halloween collection, title John Derian x Threshold, with Target. The line—which includes throw pillows, candles, glassware, trays, platters, stools, and more—is a fitting extension for Derian, who has long toyed with more eccentric motifs like ravens, eyes, skeletons, moons, and cats. (Just look at his eerie e-card line with Paperless Post.) “When I think about my work, imagery collection and creative process, I imagine ‘casting a spell’ with my things,” he says of the new line.

It also comes perfectly timed as many prepare to refresh their decor for fall. Christmas and Thanksgiving have an abundance of tasteful options, often joyfully brought out and dusted off by families for decades. Halloween? Not so much. No one exactly has a priceless candy bucket passed down from Grandma’s spirited celebrations of yore, or a faux skeleton that carries sentimental significance. And very few attend any sort of costume party expecting an upscale, inspirational interior. Derian, however, is offering accessories with both artistic flair and staying power to be saved and displayed beyond spooky season—and perhaps even for years to come.

Below, shop Vogue’s favorite pieces from the collaboration, from mysterious eye coasters, to a beaded skull and crossbones throw pillow, to a platter with a pumpkin juggler.

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