It is not the India of 1962, says BJP amid border standoff with China

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NEW DELHI: It is no longer the India of 1962 and the country is led by a "courageous" leader like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, not by the Congress, the


asserted on Wednesday, seeking to fend off the attack by the opposition party on the government's handling of the Sino-India border standoff.
BJP leader and Union minister

Ravi Shankar Prasad

also hit out at

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

for raising questions about the border situation, saying he should have at least this much understanding as to not raise queries on Twitter about strategic issues involving China.
Speaking at a 'virtual rally' for Himachal Pradesh, Prasad said when India works to become self-reliant, it will also do so in matters of security and referred to surgical and air strikes targeting terrorists inside Pakistan during the first term of the Modi government.
"We (India) want disputes to be resolved peacefully. We will say one thing very humbly that today India is the India of 2020 and not 1962. Today's India is of a courageous leader like Narendra Modi and not of Congress leaders.
"This must be understood," he said, without making any direct comment on the standoff.
China had defeated India in the 1962 war. The Congress was in power then.
Taking potshots at Rahul Gandhi, the BJP leader said that how much the Congress leader understands the country's economic policy or strategic affairs is a matter of debate.
Prasad asked if it is proper for him to raise such questions openly about crucial matters related to external affairs and said the Congress leader had also sought "evidence" following Indian surgical and air strikes inside Pakistan.
Targeting the Congress, he said when the matter involving China is discussed, then the party's handling of the country, a reference to 1962, will also be debated.
Indian and Chinese armies are involved in a standoff at the Ladakh border with both countries trying to resolve the matter through military and diplomatic channels.

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