Interpreting the Post-Covid bride

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Will the post-Covid-19 bride match her bridal lehenga to her bejewelled mask? Will she use her ghoonghat as a protective shield? Given the pandemic gloom, the number of wedding functions may reduce but weddings will definitely happen even if their extravagance gets scaled down.  

“The bridal is no longer going to be a onetime wear, it will need multi-purpose use,” shares designer Neeta Lulla.  ”Sustainable bridal ensembles, which are edgy and glorify nature will be prevalent in our bridal collections,” says designer Sonam Modi of label SVA. With designers across the board adopting a protectionist stance and churning out utilitarian masks and gloves, we asked them to share their visions of the post pandemic bride.  

Utilitarian bride

”This period has reinforced a whole new appreciation for local arts and crafts, and mindfully made pieces. Brides  are going to incline more towards pieces that are versatile and functional – something they can wear even after the wedding, like pairing up their skirts with shirts or wrap tops post the main day,” says designer Monica Shah of Jade.

A sketch by Neeta Lulla

A sketch by Neeta Lulla

Craft-focused bride

“Every challenge now for me is a shift in to potential of a new creative paradigm. The bridal lehenga is here to stay as the classic that is comfortable and wearable. The sketch focuses on our craft weaves and art with ‘Made in India’ as its core essence,” says designer Neeta Lulla.  

A sketch from SVA by Sonam and Paras Modi

A sketch from SVA by Sonam and Paras Modi

Conservationist bride

”The sketch depicts the free spirited conservationist bride! As weddings take a unique turn this year, brides will be a vision of self expression,” says designer Sonam Modi of SVA.  

A sketch by Sonaakshi Raaj

A sketch by Sonaakshi Raaj

Protectionist bride

”The sketch represents a protectionist bride who will prioritise her investments on herself other that the secondary aspects. She would not eliminate her precautionary mask that accentuates her outfit but could eliminate that extra Swarovski or gold to make it easy on her pocket,” says designer Sonaakshi Raaj.

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