International Yoga Day: Celebrate the fervour virtually

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Over the last few years, International Yoga Day (June 21) had become a much sought-after affair with denizens thronging iconic places such as the India Gate or Lodhi Gardens to practise an asana or two. Not to lose the charm of imbibing this age old practice of yoga, due to social distancing being followed during the pandemic, most of the ministries, public departments, not for profit organisations and even individuals decided to celebrate the day virtually.

Ministry of Ayush, Government of India, started a campaign called Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family, to encourage the practice of yoga to counter the effects of coronavirus. The official handle of the ministry had recently tweeted: “Share your pictures of practising Yoga as per common Yoga Protocol on 21st June with “#IdoYogaAtHome.” The posts on this handle also has links for those who want to practice the art of yoga.

“This year because of coronavirus, we have had to change the plan, and did surya namaskar at home.”– Manoj Shrivastava, a Delhiite

Manoj Shrivastava, a Delhi-based businessman, says, “I used to attend the event at India Gate every year with my family, it was a different feeling to practice yoga at wee hours of the day, but this year because of coronavirus, we have had to change the plan. We woke up at 5am and did surya namaskar at home, which is the most beneficial asana.”

Public service departments such as Delhi Police also put up virtual sessions for their staff. RP Meena, DCP, South, says, “We planned to do yoga in each of the police stations and district head quarter, South-East District. There was a bigger programme planned at the District Park in Jasola, and all the police stations were connected through video conferencing with the central location district park.”

Practising yoga isn’t just beneficial for the body, but has even been proven beneficial for the mind. It has been reported that yoga it helps in dealing with mental stress and anxiety. Constable Omprakash, who was tested corona positive and recovered, shares, “Everyday while recovering I used to do practice yoga, and it not just helped me recover from the virus but also helped me maintain my sanity. There was so much negative news around me, and I was keeping all of it at bay with the help of yoga and meditation.”

Even those working with the differently-abled say that yoga via virtual platforms has helped them in keeping the differently-abled active. Mumbai-based Gauri Singh, who conducts yoga session with differently-abled kids at NGO Gharkul, says, “Being associated with the specially-abled kids for almost a year, I have realised that yoga is one of the ways to help them. I have seen a positive change in their day to day activities due to yoga. Every differently-abled child needs special attention since their attention span is quite less; so taking a group session becomes impossible. To be able to behave one like them, we have been conducting virtual yoga sessions, and did so on the International Yoga Day as well. For these kids, yoga helps coordinate the activities of the mind, body and emotions, and even helps build their focus and concentration.”

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