Intel CEO explains why it is making 'fun' of Apple

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Intel has gone in overdrive taking potshots at Apple and suggesting how MacBooks remain inferior to PCs. The c...Read More

In the last one month or so,


has doubled down on its efforts in taking digs at Apple. First it released a set of social media ads highlighting the weaknesses of MacBooks. And then recently it roped in actor Justin Love — who once featured in


ads — for a set of ads where Intel again said how PCs are better than Macs. Now, Intel CEO has explained the idea behind taking digs and potshots at Apple.
In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, new Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said that it is down to ‘competitive fun’.“So obviously you’ve seen some of the competitive energies resume because there’s a lot of great innovation to be done, and we haven’t seen


demand at this level for a decade and a half. The world needs more of that, and there is competitive fun going on with Apple and the Mac ecosystem,” said Gelsinger in the interview.
Gelsinger further reiterated that he and Intel hope that Apple will remain a big customer of the company. Gelsinger highlighted how Apple is dependent only one one company — Taiwan Semiconductor — and Intel wants to change that. “Apple is a customer, and I hope to make them a big foundry customer because today they’re wholly dependent on Taiwan Semiconductor. We want to present great options for them to leverage our foundry services, as well, just like we’re working with Qualcomm and Microsoft to leverage our foundry,” explained Gelsinger.
The new Intel CEO sounded bullish about Intel’s future plans. “We’re going to be delivering great technology, some things that can’t be done anywhere else in the world,” Gelsinger further added.
The whole Intel making fun of Apple started after the Cupertino-based tech giant announced its own processors called


. Apple already sells M1-powered MacBooks and is expected to expand that lineup this year as well. Apple hasn’t stopped selling Intel-powered MacBooks but whether it continues to have any sort of partnership with Intel remains to be seen.

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