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E Family time


Ehsaan Noorani @Ehsaan 88.8k followers

Musician Ehsaan Noorani’s daily Insta lives, 9.30pm onwards, are where people from around the world showcase their talent. 

How it began: “Initially I didn’t accept requests from people to join. But once I did, it snowballed into a community and now there’s a group of viewers who call themselves the ‘E family’!” says Ehsaan.

Love it because: There have been people who have played the veena and the flute, too. 

To be continued as well? Yes, though less frequently.

All that jazz


The Piano Man Jazz Club @tpmcafes 8,463 followers

Owner and musician of The Piano Man Jazz Club in Delhi, Arjun Sagar Gupta, has live streamed over 57 episodes, one per day, of Socially Distanced Drinks. These are chats with musicians from around the world.

How it started: These interviews were streamed to connect the artists with their audiences. “When we learn more about artists it brings us closer to their art,” says Arjun.

Love it because: There are deep, inspiring conversations with artists.

To be continued as well? Yes, once or twice a week.  

Random sampling


Aditya N @adityan28

Musician and producer Aditya N uploads covers of his own songs and does two to three Insta live sessions per week with indie musicians like Nayantara Bhaktal and Kamakshi Khanna.

How it began: “I live alone in Mumbai and had a lot of spare time. So, I turned to Insta live to connect with artists and cheer people up by singing for them.”

Love it because: “It’s like a public video call. I call on friends, colleagues and aspiring musicians to join and chat with me. Twice, I wrote a song together with the viewers.”

To be continued as well? Yes.

Soul mate


Annette Philip @annette_philip10.7k followers

Musician and founder of the Indian ensemble at Berklee College of Music, Annette Philip has opened her calming sessions before workshops to everyone via her Instagram and FB page, at 6.30pm (IST) from Monday to Friday. 

How it started: A colleague suggested she conduct these sessions online.“It was supposed to be a 10-15 minute session,which has become a community.” says Annette.

Love it because: Of Annette’s calming presence.

To be continued as well? Yes, but less than five times a week.

Keep the karaoke


Soul Fry 5.4k members

Thanks to its owner and chef Meldan D’Cunha’s Facebook live karaoke sessions, Bandra’s iconic Soul Fry’s bi-weekly karaoke night has found a space online.

How it began: “To keep the spirit of Soul Fry alive I decided to live stream it on Facebook. We usually have 10 slots per session (Monday and Thursday 8 pm to 9.30 pm),” says Meldan.

Love it because: It’s a mix of styles, genres and renditions.  

To be continued as well? Yes!

From HT Brunch, June 14, 2020

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