Indian Railways creates 'post-Covid coach' to ensure safer journey

4 months ago 22
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NEW DELHI: Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala, has developed a "post-Covid Coach" to fight the virus.
This post-Covid Coach has design improvements like handsfree amenities, copper-coated handrails and latches, plasma air purification and titanium di-oxide coating for Covid free journey.
One of the salient features is handsfree amenities which include foot operated water tap and soap dispenser, foot operated lavatory door (outside), foot operated flush valve, foot operated latches in lavatory door, outside washbasin with foot operated water tap and soap dispenser and forearm operated handle on compartment door.
The coach will be equipped with copper-coated handrails and latches because copper degrades the virus landed on it within few hours. Copper has anti-microbial properties. When virus lands on copper, ion blasts pathogen and destroy the DNA and RNA inside the virus.
The coach also has provision of plasma air equipment in AC duct. This plasma air equipment will sterilize the air and surfaces inside the AC coach using ionised air to make the coach Covid-19 and particulate matter resistant. This provision will also improve the ion concentration from 100 ions/cm3 to more than 6000 ions/cm.

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