India keeps close watch on Pak air combat exercise

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NEW DELHI: India is keeping a close watch on the ongoing air combat exercise called “High Mark” in


, which includes manoeuvers to defend against cross-border aerial strikes like the one conducted by IAF against the JeM facility at Balakot in February last year.
The major “High Mark” exercise includes extensive night-time flying by F-16, JF-17 and Mirage-3 fighters of

the Pakistan Air Force

(PAF) as well as landing jets on motorways near Lahore and other cities.
“It’s a large-scale exercise conducted by the PAF every few years, with closure of commercial airspace over several regions of the country. PAF also tests its entire air defence network geared towards the Indian borders during the exercise. We are closely monitoring it,” said an officer.
The roar of fighters flying over Karachi on Tuesday night, incidentally, created some amount of panic among the residents there. Many took to the social media to speculate whether Indian fighter jets had once again crossed the Line of Control to bomb some targets in a repeat of the Balakot airstrikes.

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