India-EU partnership vital for global peace and stability, says PM Modi at virtual summit

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NEW DELHI: Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

on Wednesday addressed the 15th India-EU summit via a video conference and said India and

European Union

are natural partners.
PM Modi said this partnership is vital for global peace and stability. This reality has become even more clear in the global situation today, he said.
Here are the key points of PM Modi's address:
* I am fully committed to strengthening of ties between India and EU. We should go for action-oriented agenda to expand ties and it can be implemented within stipulated time frame.
* We both are also focused on long-term challenges such as

climate change

, says PM Modi.
* During this time of Covid-19 crisis, India-EU partnership can play an important role with a focus on human-centric globalisation.
* We both share universal values such as democracy, pluralism, inclusivity, freedom, multilaterism, transparency
* PM Modi said the summit had to be cancelled in March due to the Covid-19


but it was good that the two countries are able to come together through virtual medium.
* Apart from current challenges, long-term challenges like climate change also a priority for India and the EU. In our efforts to increase the use of

renewable energy

in India, we invite investment and technology from Europe
* Earlier, PM Modi said the dialogue will further strengthen New Delhi's economic as well as cultural linkages with Europe.
* After 13 years of negotiations, India and the European Union on Tuesday sealed a civil nuclear cooperation agreement.
* The deal came ahead of their virtual summit which is aimed at further broadbasing ties on a range of areas including trade, investment and defence.
In Video:PM Narendra Modi addresses 15th India-EU summit

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