India conducts over a million tests on three consecutive days

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India recorded 1.17 million tests on Wednesday, the highest in a day so far. Over 1 million samples were tested each day for three consecutive days, according to data provided by the Indian Council of Medical Research. Delhi, which has one of the highest number of tests per million in the country, hit a record high of over 28,000 tests the same day.

“A sustained number of tests over a period of days in several areas will enable us to diagnose cases early and facilitate seamless isolation and hospitalisation. This will eventually lead to a lower mortality rate,” said the health ministry.

Along with the increase in testing, India has also seen a rise in the number of Covid-19 cases. On Wednesday, 81,934 cases were recorded across the country, according to the data from HT dashboard.

“The increasing numbers should not worry us too much. Of course, if the government tests more people, we will find more cases. And, with the sheer population size in India, even if just 1% of the population is infected, in terms of absolute numbers, it will be huge. The good thing is, our mortality rate seems to be lower than the global average and most of the European countries and the US. We still do not know why, but it means that we should not be too worried. This does not mean people should stop following preventive practices like wearing masks, washing hands frequently and maintaining social distance,” said Dr Jugal Kishore, head of the department of community medicine at Safdarjung Hospital.

A total of 1,026 deaths due to the infection were also recorded, taking the total death toll due to Covid-19 in the country to 67,478. This is the second day in a row that the country has recorded over a 1,000 deaths. The case fatality ratio (CFR)—fraction of people who die among those who tested positive—is on the decline.

India’s current CFR stands at 1.75%, one of the lowest in the world. Globally, on average, 3.3% of those diagnosed with the infection have died of it.

The number of recoveries has also seen an increase, with over 60,000 people with the infection recovering each day. The number of recoveries is inching closer to 3 million, over three times the active cases or those with the infection currently.

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