In Absence Of Roads, Woman Carried To Hospital On Cot In Madhya Pradesh

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In Absence Of Roads, Woman Carried To Hospital On Cot In Madhya Pradesh

Family members carried the woman on a cot to reach a hospital.


Family members carried a woman on a cot suspended from a bamboo stick with ropes to reach a hospital in Madhya Pradesh's Anuppur district on August 10 in the absence of paved roads connecting the village to the hospital.

Speaking to ANI, Som Lal Yadav said, "My mother has a heart-related ailment. We are from Dongra Panchayat. There are no roads here and it becomes difficult to travel especially in times of rains. The officials from the administration also came and gave an assurance that a road will be made, but the problem was not solved."

"Our home is about 2 km away from the main road. Seeing my mother ill, I decided to call an ambulance but they said that they will take two hours to reach so we decided to take her to hospital ourselves. Our bike is there on the main road," Mr Yadav said.

"There is also a problem of the lack of electricity," he said.

The husband of the ill woman, Hem Lal said, "As there are no roads, my family had to carry my wife for more than three kilometres. We are facing a big problem due to the absence of roads here. Politicians and administrative officials came but nothing was done.

Panchayat chief executive officer Imran Siddiqi said, "I got to know about it in the morning. So the collector asked me to go and see and make arrangements that are best for the people.

"Now we will resolve their problem with our technical officers and engineers," he said.

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