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BJP president JP Nadda and former party president Nitin Gadkari launched a two-fronted counter attack on Thursday in response to Congress party’s continuous offensive against the Centre, primarily on the issue of Chinese incursions.

While Nadda posed several questions including over alleged donations from Chinese Embassy to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation-- a trust named after the former prime minister of India and chaired by Congress President Sonia Gandhi—Gadkari questioned the party’s record on issues concerning national security.

“Recall the history of the past 25 years, how many incidents of bomb blasts took place, temples were attacked, innocent were killed. Congress governments (in the past) had a habit of surrendering to terrorists,” Gadkari said while addressing party workers in Rajasthan from Nagpur over a virtual Jan Samvad Rally.

He added that it was then easy for Pakistan to train and send terrorists to attack India.

Referring to the current stand-off with China over the boundary issue at the Line of Control in Ladakh, Gadkari said India was not interested in usurping any other country’s land.

“ We don’t want to appropriate any other country’s land, we don’t want to intrude into any other country’s territory. We have brotherly ties with Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh and we stand by them in any situation,” Gadkari added

Earlier, JP Nadda had held a press conference to question Congress’ alleged financial link with China and sought to know if that had compromised the decision making by Congress-led governments in the past.

BJP chief JP Nadda keeps up attack on Congress, Sonia Gandhi

“Rajiv Gandhi Foundation got donations from Chinese Embassy from 2005 to 2009. It received donations from tax havens of Luxembourg every year between 2006 to 2009. What does it indicate to you? NGOs and companies with deep commercial interests donated money to the foundation,” Nadda was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

Earlier, Nadda had attacked the Congress over a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Chinese Communist Party and sought to know the nature of the MoU.

On Saturday, he alleged the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation worked in close association with China Association for Internationally Friendly Contact. He said the Chinese organization was a vehicle used by Central Military Commission of China to infiltrate and influence the voices of leaders of other countries

Congress tells PM Modi to ‘condemn China’s brazen occupation’ in Ladakh

“What was the role of RGF with the China Association for Internationally Friendly Contact and Central Military Commission of China? How was it trying to influence policymakers of our country?” Nadda asked.

BJP’s stepped-up offensive against the Congress follows a continuing series of attacks by the Congress alleging Prime Minister Narendra Modi had ceded advantage to China by towing Beijing’s line on the border clashes with India. The Congress has also accused the PM of keeping the country misinformed by denying the presence of Chinese Army on the Indian side of the LAC in Ladakh.

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