Ignorant and malicious trolls want to undermine press freedom......and some websites follow them brainlessly

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NEW DELHI. News television channels host shows on a variety of topics. The theme of each show is decided and announced in advance.
Panelists invited to the show are aware of the theme. Audience tune in to the show knowing what topic they are going to watch. It’s the anchor’s job to ensure that the debate does not stray from the topic and a panelist is not allowed to hijack the show to pander to his or her personal biases.
That is exactly what was attempted at a Times Now show on September 1, 2020 that was debating the ongoing investigation into the Sushant Singh Rajput death case. When asked to respond to a specific question by the anchor, Navika Kumar, a panelist ranted that GDP should instead be discussed and berated the programme.
Navika told the panelist in no uncertain terms that he has to respond to the question and not stray or deflect. Here’s a clip of the debate to prove the point. Edited versions of this video have been circulated to spread lies about the anchor and the channel.

Following this show on Sushant Singh Rajput case at 9 p.m. was a show to debate the fall in GDP at 10 p.m. So, there was no question of ignoring the state of the economy on the channel.
The simple fact of sticking to the theme of the debate was misconstrued by ignorant and motivated trolls.

SHOCKINGNavika Kumar says“If you want to discuss GDP, please go to other news channels.” For Times Now,… https://t.co/Cy5k58SneG

— DaaruBaaz Mehta (@DaaruBaazMehta) 1598979476000

This troll @DaaruBaazMehta as his name suggests was high on alcohol when he tweeted this mischievously edited clip to falsely claim that for Times Now "Rhea is more important than GDP".

If you want to discuss the GDP, why don’t you go to other channels? We will discuss Rhea Chakraborty.— Navika Kuma… https://t.co/eV62PB3Qb1

— Ravi Nair (@t_d_h_nair) 1598978437000

Another troll Ravi Nair, who writes for The Wire, Janta Ka Reporter and Newsclick, shunned his journalistic ethics and amplified the same lie by sharing an edited clip.
These trolls obviously do not understand the basic principles of journalism or are attacking the anchor and the channel with the specific agenda to defame. It’s as brainless as asking geography to be taught in a physics class or state of the country’s GDP should be discussed in a movie review.
Trolls are known to be motivated, malicious and even downright ignorant. Shockingly, some news websites joined these trolls and went further. They twisted the facts, put out edited video clips selectively and misinterpreted the anchor’s intervention intentionally to defame a channel and its editors. It’s difficult to fathom how a website like


forgets the basics of journalism. Or is it that their bias and motivation got the better of them. At least, the editors at Scroll could have fact-checked the complete quote by Navika, and not gone by what trolls on Twitter posted.

Watch: Times Now’s Navika Kumar tells panelist go to other channels for a discussion on the GDPhttps://t.co/DPvIIrKu4T

— scroll.in (@scroll_in) 1599040260000

News websites can’t be so brainless even if trolls are.

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