Iggy Pop Stars In Gucci’s Latest Campaign

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Photo: Courtesy of Gucci

I woke up this morning to a video of Iggy Pop in a Harmony Korine-directed Gucci tailoring campaign. (The clip was on his parrot’s Instagram page: @BiggyPop.) In it, the 73-year-old rocker wore huge square sunglasses that took up half of his face and a leopard print suit at his desk with an electric blue parrot, a hyacinth macaw to be precise, by his side. The former The Stooges singer then goes on to greet rappers Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky in the driveway as they pull-up in a vintage, champagne-hued car. (The duo are dapper and charming in Gucci.) In this sun-soaked hallway shot, you really can appreciate Mr. Pop’s boisterous get-up: The suit is nipped and gives the silhouette a bit of a peplum. His look is giving me a bridge-playing Boca retiree with a great blow-out vibe. At the end of the segment, he kisses the mirror, complete with a slobbering tongue. Baby, it’s bellissimo!  

Mr. Pop looks refreshingly cool. He wears his suit full of fun and fancy, and not stuffy. When he dances, he contorts his body like a weirdo-Houdini in the buttoned-up look, swinging punches and jaggedly swiveling his hips. As odd as it sounds, it has a sexy swagger to it. You have to hand it to Iggy Pop in this sense: He has always been a man of relaxed fashion, so relaxed he often goes shirtless, and makes each look entirely his own. He’s an eccentric, the type of bizzaro-beautiful person that the House’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele seems to be drawn to, which makes him a perfect fit for the clip. Plus, it’s not his first cameo for Gucci: The rocker appeared in the label’s Cruise 2020 video, shirtless and with a neck full of gold chains. 

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