Identity theft is the biggest cybersecurity concern of netizens in India, claims report

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Most netizens in India are worried about identity theft, according to the 2020 Unisys Security Index. As per the report, it emerged as the top security concern with 83% considering it as one of the biggest threat while online.
“Unisys Security Index score of 223 out of 300 signifies that Indians have a high level of security concern across the breadth of national, financial, internet and

personal security

covered by the survey,” says the report.
After identity theft, a close second is concern related to

internet security

, claims the report. As many as 82% respondents raised concerns about

computer viruses

, hacking and security of online transactions. “These findings reflect the growing internet penetration and use of digital services in the country as well as strong awareness of security risks in the personal and cyberspace,” adds the report.
“The good news is that there is widespread awareness of security risks in the personal and digital realm with 8 in 10 Indians concerned about identity theft, computer hacking and viruses, bank card fraud and online transactions,” said Sumed Marwaha, managing director, Unisys India and regional vice president, Services, Unisys.
The report gives India a score of 223 out of 300 as per Unisys Security Index. As, according to the report, the country has the second-highest level of security concerns among the 15 countries surveyed for the report.

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