Huawei launches virtual assistant Celia to help customers

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Huawei Consumer Business Group India

has introduced a new intelligent virtual agent called ‘


’ to enhance consumer experience. The feature is made available as an integrated part of the company’s service app, 'Support' as well as on the website to assist

Huawei users

in India. The AI-powered virtual assistant responds to the key phrase “Hey Celia” and is claimed to take questions and address customer queries.
This smart assistant is available 24X7 and aims to supports quick trouble shooting without any delay in processing new information request. Celia has the capability to provide guidance in buying a new phone, warranty queries, locating device’s problem and completing all prerequisites before sending the device for repair.
Celia comes with a multi-function interface, multi-round operation and multiple styles of answers making it easier to understand, claims the company. The answers are displayed in the form of text, links, collection, pictures as well as GIF and JPGs. According to Huawei, Celia provides precise answers which could be on detailed parameters and specifications and transfers the chat to online human agent on request.
Celia is now available on the company's official website and support app.

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