How Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Tesla’s Elon Musk have ‘inspired’ an artist

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CEO and Blue Origin’s founder

Jeff Bezos

is the richest person on Earth while Tesla and SpaceX CEO

Elon Musk

is one of the most well-known tech innovators globally. Apart from being tech billionaires, what these two have in common is a passion for space travel and exploration, which, if we just were to go by the amount of tweets and compare, Musk pursues doggedly like a true believer in his cause, while Bezos is comparatively more secretive about his plans for space.

Lincoln Townley

, a UK-based contemporary artist, has tried to capture the age of the private space travel with his new art collection called the Universe, and says that the space programs of tech tycoons like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic) have served as inspiration for his latest art collection, as per a report by Business Insider.
Universe will be exhibited in Saatchi Gallery, London, in September. According to the report, Lincoln Townley is known for making portraits of Hollywood royalty and that Sir Michael Caine even referred to him as “the next Andy Warhol” in 2016.
Townley says in the report that the age of private space travel, that has inspired his £20 million ($25 million) collection, is motivated by “greed, self-publicity, [and] a desire to do things that other people cannot do.”
"I'm intrigued by the likes of Blue Origin with regards to Bezos. I'm interested in what Musk is doing. I'm interested in Branson as well.", so quotes the report.
He explains in the report that with the Universe, he’s tried to question the idea of space travel of these immensely rich individuals when Earth has been beset with problems for a long time, even before the coronavirus outbreak. “You want to venture out and spend billions trying to get to Mars when you don't even know what's on Mars. With all of the power they have, shouldn't they be turning the power back to saving where we already live?", says Townley in the report.
Townley feels that with all that money, there is a “huge greed factor” and that his collection tries to show a genius, but narrow minded approach towards success. “My work, in a nutshell, is what we are willing to go through to succeed," he says in the report. "I think it's all to do with greed, self-publicity, a desire to do things that other people cannot do because they haven't got the funding to do it. And it's a power thing."

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