History will record Janta Curfew in golden letters, says Amit Shah

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Union home minister Amit Shah on Monday congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the way he has led the country’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

‘’During the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, the government fought along with 130 crore Indians. This is exactly why India is among those countries which have fared better in the fight against coronavirus. On the behest of PM Narendra Modi, 130 crore people stayed indoors and co-operated with his vision to fight the pandemic,” Shah said at the Odisha Jan Samvad virtual rally.

“When the history of epidemics is written, the one on janata curfew will be written in golden letters no matter who writes it. I have never seen that kind of response to a public curfew.”

He conceded that migrant workers including those from Odisha did face difficulties when returning home but the government ensured that they eventually reached home.

“Migrant workers initially faced problems but the government was more concerned about their safety from Covid-19. PM Modi started running Shramik Special trains from May 1 to take migrants home,” he said.

The Centre had come under flak for announcing the lockdown with a four-hour notice and then delaying the evacuation of migrant workers.

Shah said the PM regularly kept in touch with chief ministers to discuss the strategy against Covid-19. “He discussed measures for the pandemic with chief ministers five times.”

Shah said the Centre pumped in Rs 53,000 crore to crores of Indians to help them tide over the lockdown

‘When PM Modi came to power, 7 crore families had no bank accounts. Under the Jan Dhan Yojana, 31 crore bank accounts were opened. During the lockdown, the Modi government sent Rs 53,000 crore to crores of Indians to help them during these times,” Shah said.

In the second such virtual rally after the one for Bihar on Sunday, he also said BJP workers have fed more than 11 crore people during the coronavirus pandemic.

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