Highlights Of Prannoy Roy's Interview With Dalai Lama

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Highlights Of Prannoy Roy's Interview With Dalai Lama

Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, spoke to Dr Prannoy Roy and answered several questions on spirituality and the connection of religion with science. When asked about tips for how to build immunity and fitness, he said achieving peace of mind is the key. The Dalai Lama also discussed questions related to happiness and overall well-being. He also talked about his arrival from Tibet to India 60 years ago.

Here are the highlights of The Dalai Lama's interview:My brain and every part of my brain is filled by Indian thought. Buddhist thought, that is Indian, Indian tradition. Then this physical survived, I think over more than 50 years, this body survived with India's daal and India's rice. So, therefore, mentally, physically, from both view point, I am a son of India. I really feel proud. And the roots of your Indianness goes way back in history and tradition, right?
You see 8th century, Tibetan emperor invited one Nalanda scholar, Santaraksita, in the 8th century. He was a great scholar. His writing we still use and study. He was a great logician and Madhyamaka philosopher. Very sophisticated philosophy and he (was a) great logician. So, Nalanda tradition, even Buddha himself stated 'Oh my follower, you should not accept my teaching out of faith but rather thorough investigation and analysis. So, Buddha, as one great master of India, he utilized thousand years old India's tradition, a logical approach. So that 8th century Nalanda master, Santaraksita, he invited my Tibetan emperor. And he introduced Buddhism according to Nalanda tradition. So, we extensively use logic. So as a student of logic, even Buddha's own word - never say yes, yes. But always raise question why? What's the reason? So, it is very, very useful, very useful.Tell me in karma, this year 2020 there's been earthquake, there is virus, there have been so many things. Is it collective karma that has been negative?
Oh yes. Group of people, some negative karma. Then also you see effect of their life or event. But since karma is our own creation, so ultimately, we have the ability or opportunity to change karma. I think some lazy people, without much effort, they just say karma, karma, karma. Some lazy people.

So how do you change your karma? How does a person change negative to positive karma?
Now, for example, some negative karma due to anger or due to violence. Then try to increase compassion, forgiveness and also practice as much as you can. That karma reduces the negative karma because you see the karma is action, action of emotion. So negative emotion, some action or karma created by negative emotion, more positive emotion now increases or stronger than negative emotion. And karma due to negative emotion eventually no longer produces result.

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