Here's how many iPhones Apple may have sold in India

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For a while now there was staunch criticism of


that the trillion dollar company had ‘failed’ to crack the Indian market. While there has been a loyal ‘fan’ following of the brand, it hadn’t made significant inroads in one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world. However, if recent numbers from research firms are to be believed then Apple seems to be on the tight track.
According to a report by TechCrunch, which cites numbers from Counterpoint and Cybermedia Research, Apple has succeeded in doubling its market share in country. The report states that in the last quarter Apple’s market share in India has grown from 2% to 4%.
It further reveals that Apple shipped close to 3.2 million iPhone units in 2020. For the quarter ending in December, iPhone shipments stood at 1.5 million showing 100% year-on-year growth.

Most popular iPhones in India

As per the research firms, the most popular iPhones in India are the iPhone XR,

iPhone 11


iPhone SE

and the new iPhone 12. The first three iPhones in the list can be snagged under Rs 50,000 at most times. The

iPhone 12

costs Rs 79,990 but with deals and cash backs can be bought around Rs 70,000. India has always been a price sensitive market and having ‘affordable’ iPhones in its line up seems to have paid off for Apple.

What other factors may have given Apple the push

The report says that opening of its online store has also helped Apple in ramping up its sales in the country. In September 2020, Appel opened its online store and has been offering lucrative financing options and ease of buying. Around Diwali, Apple offered a pair of free AirPods on the purchase of iPhone 11. Currently, there’s an offer running on Apple Online store where customers get a flat cash back of Rs 5,000 on purchases made above Rs 44,500.

What lies ahead

Apple has plans to boost manufacturing of its products in India. As of now, the company pays a lot of import duty and taxes, which are passed on to customers making its products expensive. Local manufacturing may result in lower costs and help Apple further to make inroads in the market. The Cupertino-based tech giant also has plans to open its first Apple Store in the country soon.

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