Here are three things the world's richest man looks for before hiring anyone

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in the past has revealed what he looks for in people before hiring them


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Jeff Bezos

, CEO and founder, Amazon, is the world’s richest man and has spoken about various things that have led to Amazon — and his — success. One such thing Bezos pointed out almost two decades back in the first letter to shareholders. Bezos in the letter said that hiring the right people has been critical in Amazon’s growth. “Setting the bar high in our approach to hiring has been, and will continue to be, the single most important element of

’s success,” is what Bezos said about Amazon employees.
A report by Fast Company states that Bezos in an earlier interview had said that he has “always tried hard to work only with people I admire.” Bezos said that admirable people are right a lot and are also good listeners. “The smartest people are constantly revising their understanding, reconsidering a problem they thought they’d already solved,” as per Bezos.
The second quality that Bezos looks for in people is whether they will improve and raise the bar or not. “The bar has to continuously go up. I ask people to visualize the company five years from now,” he had said in an interview with Business Insider.
Bezos, in his first letter to Amazon shareholders, had said that Amazon’s success will “be largely affected by our ability to attract and retain a motivated employee base.” He further said that each employee must think like “and therefore must actually be, an owner.” The world’s richest man had said that he likes employees who are “mavericks” — someone who has a bit of a radicalness and rebel in them.

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