Hathras Case: Monitor CBI Probe, UP Requests Supreme Court

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 Monitor CBI Probe, UP Requests Supreme Court

Hathras Case: The CBI team visited the woman's village on Tuesday.

New Delhi:

The Uttar Pradesh government today requested the Supreme Court t to monitor the CBI probe into the alleged gang rape and torture in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras of a 20-year-old Dalit woman, who died at a hospital in Delhi last month, adding that the state government is "committed to provide complete security to victims' family and witnesses".

The Central Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday began probe into the case, with a team of CBI officials visiting the woman's, about a month after she was allegedly gang raped by four men of a so-called upper caste community.

The UP government also requested the top court to direct the central probe agency to submit fortnightly status reports to the state government  so that the same can be filed in Supreme Court through the police chief.

Giving details of the security provided to the woman's family, the UP government, in its affidavit in the top court, submitted a list of police personnel posted for security in Hathras, including outside her home.

Eight CCTV cameras have been installed outside her home to keep a watch and the police has ensured that there is no intrusion of privacy of the family, Uttar Pradesh said.

The CBI team on Tuesday visited the millet field in the UP village where, according to the victim's brother, the accused tried to strangle the 20-year-old woman. The victim's mother, who was unwell, was also taken to the crime scene by the CBI officials when she was returning home in an ambulance after a brief hospital visit.

The CBI officials were accompanied by a forensic expert, police personnel and the woman's brother. The team left the crime scene after over two hours. Later, the team visited the site where she was cremated at 2:30 am.

The CBI team is headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police Seema Pahuja, who has earlier handled the Shimla rape-murder case.

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