Hathras case: Farmer loses crop trying to save evidence

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AGRA: A farmer in


who owned the field in which the 19-year-old


girl was allegedly gang-raped and assaulted

last month

has demanded compensation for the loss of his millet crop which could not be irrigated or harvested in time for fear of destruction of evidence.
“We have lost an entire year of hard work as my family was asked not to irrigate, harvest or do anything with the crop in our nine-bigha land so evidence of the crime could be preserved,” said the 24-year-old who works as a labourer in Jaipur. “Now I need help from the government to compensate me for the loss of my millet crop worth Rs 50k,” he told TOI.
The man, who returned to his village recently, said the SIT,


investigation team and police had conducted visits to the crime spot to gather evidence and in this time, his crop had dried up.
A senior official, however, added that no changes in the crime spot had helped in recreation of the crime scene.

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