Has the pandemic made you insecure about your relationship?

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Among the many damages the pandemic has done, it has also sowed the seed of insecurity among couples who  live far away from each other and can’t meet often. So, if you are worried about what your partner would be doing in your absence or if he or she is romantically involved with someone else, here are things that you should do to let go of the doubt that can ruin your relationship.

Talk it out: If you feel that your partner is becoming detached as you haven’t been able to meet them because of self-quarantine or because you haven’t been stepping  out too often, share it frankly. Most couples don’t talk openly about such things, making the situation worse. Pouring your heart out will help solve the issue.

Build more trust: Since two of you can’t be physically present for each other, you have all the more reason to make your emotional connect stronger. Make each other believe that this relationship matters the most to you. Take time out and plan virtual activities that you can do together.

Stop over thinking: If you see your partner online at midnight, stop being suspicious. It doesn’t mean that they have found a new crush. If your partner is loyal, he or she wouldn’t do anything that can damage the relationship.

(With inputs from relationship expert Jai Madan and psychologist Pulkit Sharma)

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