Haryana: At Meham mahapanchayat, Tikait appeals to farmers to ramp up milk supply to protest sites

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BKU leader Rakesh Tikait addresses a kisan mahapanchayat at Meham town in Rohtak district on Wednesday. Manoj Dhaka

In an emotional appeal during a Kisan Mahapanchayat at Rohtak’s Meham Wednesday, BKU leader Rakesh Tikait urged farmers to supply milk of their buffaloes to protesters for a period equivalent to the animal’s lactation period that goes on for almost ten months.

According to former Director General of Haryana Animal Husbandry and Dairying Department, G S Jakhar, a good murrah breed buffalo yields about 4,000 litres of milk during lactation.

Urging the farmers to supply milk and lassi to the agitators for an entire lactation, amid warm response from the farmers, Tikait said, “You may just think, the buffalo has given less milk for a year as it will give milk next year too.”

“This agitation will go on (at least till) November or December. At the moment, government is thinking the farmers will return to their homes during the summer. We have told them that you are fools. We are not going to anywhere. We will stay here.”

According to estimates of police, there are around 40,000 “committed supporters” of farmer agitation from Punjab and Haryana at Singhu and Tikri border of Delhi even after passing nearly four months of the current phase of the stir.

Apart from this, dharnas are still going on at the toll plazas on the national highways seeking withdrawal of three farm laws. Milk and lassi is supplied to the agitators at Delhi borders and other dharna sites.

Tikait criticised the authorities for sending notices to those “who are helping the agitator farmers”.

“Notices are being served even to those who have sent aata for the agitators. All departments are inquiring how aata has been supplied for the agitators. A penalty of Rs 25 lakh has been slapped on an owner of a hotel who had sent a water tanker for the farmers. Similarly, petrol pump owners too have been fined,” said the BKU leader.

Referring to recent searches at the premises linked to Balraj Kundu, the Independent MLA from Meham who has actively participated in the ongoing farmer agitation, Tikait said, “It is duty of the Sanyukta Kisan Morcha to guard them as they have joined the agitation on the call of morcha. We will support them strongly. If anybody else too joins, he will also be supported.”

“Do the farmers fear (police) cases? This agitation will continue till the government doesn’t repeal three laws and a separate law is not introduced for the MSP of crops,” he added.

Tikait said, “The crops of farmers are not purchased (at fair prices) but are looted. The preparations are made — when the crops are harvested — how to “loot” the crops at cheaper prices. The Badshah of looteras has come to Delhi.”

Ahead of the wheat procurement, the BKU leader also called upon the farmers to take their produce to the office of DCs in their districts “if their crops are purchased at cheaper rates”.

Indirectly taking on the big corporates, Tikait said, “Large chunks of land in Haryana especially in Rewari area have already been sold…They have plans to buy entire land in next 20 years. They will create such circumstances that farmers have to leave their land in next 20 years. They want to gherao agriculture from all sides. They have a target to turn the farmers into labourers. Factories will be set up which will need labourers. They have target to get cheaper labourers from villages.”

He also called upon the youth to join the agitation actively stating, “You have to either struggle or lose the land”.

Referring to the importance of an alliance of “farmers and Dalits” for the ongoing agitation, Tikait called upon the farmers to raise the slogan of “Jai Ram, Jai Bhim”

While referring to privatisation of Public Sector Utilities (PSUs), the farmer leader alleged that as many as 26 institutions have been “sold or are under process for the same”.

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