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Actor Gurdeep Kohli, who is back with the third season of Ekta Kapoor’s Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Hum alongside Ronit Roy and MonaSingh, is not happy with the kind of content being produced for television these days and blames the channel heads for killing the vision of writers in their chase for TRPs.

“Writers come up with ideas but people sitting at the head of TV channels make them lose their vision as they want to churn out those TRPs. People are a little confused on television. If a formula works well, they try to use the same for all shows. If Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai did well, the same kind of romance will not work for something like, say Sanjeevani. It was a different genre,” Gurdeep told Hindustan Times in an interview.

“One formula cannot be used for another. They do not let writers to focus on topics. I think this is why television content suffers. There are no options on television for anybody now, you have to succumb to channels. My producer does not want to do TV. Any intelligent producer would not want to work for television these days,” she added.

Gurdeep was delighted at the mention of Sanjeevani and Dr Juhi (Gurdeep’s character in the TV show). Asked if people still call her Dr Juhi, she said, “With the second season, all the old fanbase resurfaced. I would say not just Sanjeevani 2 but the first one was an iconic show and my character was unforgettable. It had become very popular and whatever I am today, is because of that show (Sanjeevani). To find such an author-backed role as my debut, I think I was so lucky. I am very happy when people call me Dr Juhi. It is a character that has been very close to my heart.”

“There were some iconic shows and characters being made at that time. All my contemporaries have had beautiful roles and they are all remembered till date,” she added.

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Getting back to her issue with channels and their chase after TRPs, Gurdeep said that perhaps the second season of the show suffered because of lack of vision. “For Sanjeevani, everyone had mixed feelings in the channel and that is why it met the fate that it did.”

“I have done monotonous work, I have been typecast and I did work that was suffocating but I still did because I needed work and the money. I have been applauded of course, but it was monotonous, I won’t deny. I want people to call me and approach me for films as well. I do not attend parties or visit a producer’s office to beg for work, I am waiting for someone to approach me,” she said.

Gurdeep also elaborated on her character in the latest season of her popular web show Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Hum. “She is trying to look younger because she has already lost someone in her first marriage. She is trying to look desirable and seek validation from Abhimanyu, though he doesn’t care. She has the baggage of her first marriage. Just her fear, but it is what it is,” she said.

She added, “Working on the show, I learnt it is never too late to find love. Not justifying Rohit’s deeds (Ronit Roy’s character) . A lot of women came up to me and told me ‘this is me, this is my story’ I would just say to these people that divorce can be therapeutic.”

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