‘Gujarat farmers have voted for Modi’s reforms’

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NEW DELHI: Citing BJP’s landslide in


panchayat and taluka polls, the party on Wednesday asserted that farmers have voted for reforms brought in by the


government and rejected the opposition’s campaign on the issue as well as on


price rise.
BJP made a clean sweep of the polls, winning all 31 district bodies and blanking out main opposition


in a performance which attested to the party’s enduring popularity in PM Narendra Modi’s home state. BJP cited the verdict as endorsement of the Modi government’s reforms agenda, including the farm sector laws.
Addressing a press conference,

Prakash Javadekar

said the massive win underscored that people’s trust and affection for Modi remained intact despite the party being in office in the state for so many years. He highlighted that the Gujarat win came close on the heels of BJP’s sweep of rural polls in Rajasthan as well as assembly polls in


and signalled the acceptance of Modi government’s policies.

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