Greek govt to keep close watch on Pak, Afghan migrants: Sources

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ATHENS: The Greek government has decided to keep a close watch on the activities of migrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan after the burning of a refugee camp at Moria on Lesbos island by migrants from these two countries, sources said.
Last month, fires broke out in Greece's largest migrant camp, an overcrowded facility on the island of Lesbos, and destroyed it leaving over 12,000 people without shelter.
"The Greek government has decided to keep a close watch on the activities of migrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan. This follows burning of the refugee camp at Moria on Lesbos island of Greece by Afghan and Pakistani migrants in which about 12,000 refugees were displaced," the sources said.
The sources added that the decision was also taken considering the "violent skirmishes between Greeks and Pakistanis at Tympaki on Crete island" last month.
Around 30 Pakistanis living illegally in Greece, were arrested following the skirmishes and have been deported.
The Greek authorities are also keeping a close watch on about 50 mosques (make-shift in small houses) in Athens and various Pakistani and Afghan organisations active in Greece, sources said.
"Greek authorities fear radicalization of Pakistani and Afghan youths especially due to Greece-Turkey border dispute and bid to infiltrate more Pakistanis illegally with the connivance of Turkish border authorities. Also, Pakistanis and Afghanis migrants have been involved in drug trafficking in Athens," they added.
Illegal immigration from Pakistan and Afghanistan is a cause of concern for Greece.
According to Greek City Times, the authorities want to evict over 10,000 illegal immigrants.
Greece started to deport Pakistani illegal immigrants in July. In late July, the first flight to return illegal immigrants of Pakistani nationality back to their country of origin took off from Athens International Airport.

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