Google wants to change the way you log-in to Android apps, here's how

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is working on a new feature to simplify the sign-in process on Android apps. Called the OneTap, the feature will assist sign in/register on apps without need to create a separate password for the app account. Currently, Google offers three ways to sign-in on a particular app. These include using

Google account

as ID and then creating a separate password while registering on any third party app. Alternatively, it offers a Smart Lock for password feature that auto-syncs your password with Chrome and Android. And the third is Android autofill.
With the

OneTap feature

, a “secure, token-based, passwordless account” will be created. Although they can sign in using their Google account, but they need not create a password for every app registration. However, the option to create a password will always be there, but it will not be mandatory and will depend on the user’s choice.
As per a 9to5Google report, Google seeks to address two issues with the new feature.One is the user not opting any of the three methods stated above due to lack of trust. The second is not wanting to set up at all for services which they see as a non-Google service.

The feature was first introduced for web in 2017. Google is now planning to bring it for Android apps as well.
Another feature which Google is reportedly developing to improve the sign up experience is the Block Store. The feature will be useful when a existing user switches to a new device. Block Store will generate a “secure end-to-end encrypted credential storage solution” for developers where encrypted tokens are saved. The token will be stored locally on device. If users want, they can back up this token up to the cloud.
So next time a user sets up a new phone- either via the cloud or device-to-device restore, Block Store feature will automatically retrieve the stored token, leaving the sign-in screen unnecessary.

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