Google is expected to update Docs, Sheets and Slides with dark mode soon

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Most Google apps by now have already received the dark mode update. However, there are still some apps that ar...Read More

Most Google apps by now have already received the

dark mode update

. However, there are still some apps that are still pending to receive the dark mode and Google’s word processing apps are among few of them. According to a report by 9to5Google, Google is soon expected to update


, Sheets and Slide apps with dark themes.
9to5Google decompiled that latest version of these apps that has been recently updated on PlayStore and found some

inactive codes

related to dark mode for these apps. That suggests Google is planning to add dark mode to these apps. The report also suggests that the code lines of these apps contains a prompt announcing the new features, that further confirms the upcoming dark mode.
9to5Google has also posted some screenshot posted by the AndroidPolice reader that somehow managed to turn on dark mode theme on these apps. However, it is still unclear when Google is planning to update these apps, but, going by all these code lines, we can expect things to happen soon.
For those unaware, Google has recently updated its Google app with dark mode for both Android and iOS. In addition to that

Google Play

Store has also received the dark mode a while back.
To activate the dark theme on Google app, open the Google app and head to Setting from the bottom right corner. Then, scroll down and tap on Themes, choose dark from the options to enable it.
Similarly, you can head to Settings and enable the dark theme for Google Play Store from there.

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